Transits / Crossings
Editing: Maria Marangou

Opening: Sunday, August 26, 2018, at 20:00
Late Minoan Cemetery of Armenians

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Rethymnon and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete celebrate the full moon of August with an artistic intervention in the Minoan Necropolis of Armenians. There, in the oak forest and in the area of ​​220 graves excavated to date, four artists present their works for this place.

The idea of ​​curator Maria Marangou is a humble intervention that will not compete with elements of the site. The artists, with respect, create works / gifts, connected with the natural environment, history, memory and continuity.

The unexpected discovery of a vase, by the little pupil Andreas Vourvachis, in the mid-1960s, triggered the excavation of the well-known Late Minoan Armenian Cemetery, by the honorary General Manager of Antiquities, archaeologist Yiannis Tzedakis, which continues successfully until today.
The site is open to visitors and works, and its project of incorporation has been integrated into the NSRF 2014-2020 / ROP of Crete and is being started by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Rethymno and the director Anastasia Gigounaki.

The title of the Transits report is related to the ontological issue of life and death. The exhibiting artists are (alphabetically):
Antonis Volanakis, Blind Adam (Thanos Kyriakidis), Kalliopi Lemou and Manousos Chalkiadakis.

On the opening night and in the light of the moon, the writer George Douatzis will read poetry about the love and death of Tassos Livaditis.

The exhibition will run until 10 September 2018.

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